Just what do you think a very first date at the burial ground?

This is my very first “alone” date as a result of this person that I come across with from POF.  And also I believed it was quite strange, when he asked me there however I hey, just what the heck, might be be intriguing!

So … he comes over my home all dressed in black, and also me in white and also we going down to the grocery store to gain ice cream (as well as batteries, for some reason) before the burial ground.  The drumsticks were good as well as the automobile was clean.

It was quite neat because this area has been around for many years and also they host excursions there now and then.B142B

The cemetery had the most distinct grave tombstones and also it was so stunning there via the trees as well as the flowers.  All was pretty amazing till we obtained slipped out due to the turf sinking in on some spots, and then seeing some very fresh built tombs, so we decided to take off just before it obtained dark as well as spookier … as well as headed to the theater as an alternative.

Anyhow, it was quite cool and just wondered just what others feel about that? Do you think I should see him once again?

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